What is the packing process? We collect eggs every two days and they are then washed and packed into our cartons. We inspect every egg to make sure there is no breach in the shells.

What do you feed the animals? Our animals are given all natural non gmo feed. As a farm we want to be practical and sustainable. As such, we partnered up with local breweries and use their spent barley to mix with chicken feed and compost plies. We do have moments where the chickens do go on the land beyond their runs and scavenge the land for any bugs or grass.

What are the chicken's daily routines? Here at triple J farm, we are able to provide quality eggs because we allow our chickens to run free in their chicken run and lay eggs whenever they want. This method requires an extra effort on our part but as a result we are able to hold and provide our chickens with love which makes a big difference. Every night our chickens return to the coop on their own and we lock them in for the night.

Do the eggs have to be refrigerated? Yes, we advise our customers to refrigerate all eggs between 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit. Eggs last up to 30 days after delivery.