Our Story


James Minton Sr grew up in Georgetown, South Carolina. As a child, he used to spend his summers at the “Windsor Plantation” where his Aunt & Uncle worked. He enjoyed his time there because it was fun. He also enjoyed the animals & it was a “get away” from the city life in Georgetown. He always envisioned owning his own farm one day.

As a young adult, James moved to Harlem NY after the surge of the Harlem Renaissance where he later went on to meet his wife Wilhelmina Minton. It took him 3 attempts before she finally agreed to go on their first date.

They went on to get married and had 7 kids (4 girls & 3 boys), raised 11 children in total
28 Grand children,
40 Great Grand children, and
1 Great Great Grandson.
They raised the majority of the children in the housing projects of St. Nicholas & the Polo Grounds in Harlem NY.

James knew it was time to leave NYC & the streets of Harlem when the untimely passing of his son happened in the same building where he had raised all his children.

He followed his other son out of state who moved to Pennsylvania a couple months prior. James then moved to Windsor, NY & started Triple J Farm. James has over 20 acres of land, chickens, cows, goats, bees, cane corso dogs, apple trees and maple trees.

All I ever wanted to do is have a place where my grands & great grand kids can come, be safe, have fun & spend time with me.” - James Minton